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Company Profile
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  Dongguan Changan Kecheng mechanical maintenance shop in Dongguan City Changan town, the environment elegant and convenient transportation. The company is committed to the hydraulic machinery and equipment and products, anti-theft door machine dedicated machine tool R & D and manufacturing, is the national machinery industry focus on production enterprises. Companies in the peer in the first through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the entire implementation of a complete, scientific, comprehensive and efficient quality control. The company has strong technical force, advanced processing / testing equipment, professional high-quality after-sales service team, is committed to providing users with perfect, perfect products and services.

  TY-1300/3500/3000 hydraulic flanging machine series, TY-45 angle hydraulic punching machine, TY-80 double-headed combination punch, TY-160 combination of the combination of the machine TY-130 double-head fast hydraulic flanging machine, TY-60 multi-layer anti-theft door hot pressing gluing machine, NC Kaiping machine, product specifications complete, novel structure, stable quality and reasonable price; support custom, free design The Widely used in sheet metal processing, decoration, door industry, machinery and other professional production areas, sold overseas domestic and foreign, has become the domestic high-end metal sheet processing and forming the necessary machine tool equipment.

  We have always adhere to the "quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first" three business philosophy, and constantly research and development, innovation, adhering to the "professional and technical, integrity, sustainable development and constant innovation," the four purposes, continuous efforts, as always To provide customers with quality products, satisfactory service. Work together to achieve a win-win situation. Look forward to working with you!