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Operation and maintenance of hydraulic punching and shearing machine

Hydraulic punching machine is a multi-functional profile processing equipment, in many iron and steel industry, hydraulic punching machine is widely used. Such as storage shelves, high voltage towers, telecommunications towers, street lamps, advertising signs, elevators, ventilation pipes and other equipment. In the following, the operation and maintenance method of the hydraulic punching and shearing machine are described in detail.

Hydraulic punching machine operation method:

1. Check the power of the specific circumstances, observe the voltage is stable, check the leakage protector, air switch is intact.

2. Open the punching machine's wiring cabinet, then on the line, and then close the door.

3. Power test machine, if there is no problem. Observe whether the emergency stop switch is open.

4. Connect the foot pedal switch

5. Turn off the power each time you change the mold

6. After the end of the work, you should turn off the power, remove the power, on-site cleaning.

Hydraulic punching machine maintenance methods:

1. Before starting the machine need to observe the various parts of the machine leveling is intact, electrical contact is intact.

2. Before work, observe whether the punching machine lubrication, start the machine running, if there is no adverse phenomenon before they can work.

3. Do not overload, is strictly prohibited to rebuild the quenched steel.

4. Staff should wear protective equipment and gloves, is strictly prohibited sandals and slippers.

5. need to regularly fill the punching machine oil, is strictly prohibited with a skew.

6. In the work should pay attention to the protection of the work of the fingers, when the sheet rushed to the final pressure on the sheet metal, the prohibition of scissors.

7. In the process of disassembling the machine, it is forbidden to beat a part.

8. It is forbidden to stack a large number of other items in the work area and must be parked during cleaning.

9. After the end of the work, should be shut down, power, to clean up the scene.

10. Strict control of the size of the punching sheet, beyond the scope of the ban punching.