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Hydraulic flanging machine on the cylinder (fan shell) flanging

On the hydraulic flanging machine flanging application information, we can understand how much specific, today for everyone to elaborate on this information: first punch and then use the hydraulic flanging machine flanging, in the process of handling the fan shell Very important position. This method is mainly used to increase the stiffness of the cylinder, the most commonly used.

Flanging when the material is stretched, flanging after the tube wall thinning, the edge from the edge, the smaller the thickness. If the chisel is considered to consist of many small rings, and the volume is equal before and after the deformation, then the most one side of the stretch is the most serious, and this ring will be the earliest than the above ring rupture.

In the case of flanging with different materials, we can compare the flanging diameter required for the fan shell with the diameter that may be tapped. As the cylinder on each lap, are not only by the stretch, but also by the lateral compression, the thickness of the cylinder wall is thin. Flanging, due to the different nature of deformation, each circle of the relative elongation of the ring and the cross-section of the contraction should be subject to certain restrictions. The limit of the shrinkage of the rim of the rim of the rim shall not be obtained from the data of the tensile test, since the stretching of the cylinder is not uniform and a fine head is produced at the time of withdrawal.

With the flanging machine on the cylinder flanging, the tensile deformation and section shrinkage is uniform, in the same circle every place is the same (when the cuff no cracks). Thus, the relative elongation of the perimeter of the rim of the cylinder wall and the relative shrinkage of its cross-section can be relatively elongated.

After the experiment, we can draw the following conclusions:

1, to reduce the flanging factor, will increase the flanging force and flanging after the fan shell thinner.

2, magnesium alloy sheet should not be cold flanging.

3, when heated to the most favorable temperature, can be a great degree of deformation under the flanging.