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Precision combination punch than the advantages of ordinary combination punch

Precision combination of punch processing and ordinary combination of punching machine products, compared with the traditional combination of punch processing more sophisticated, specifically in what areas are improved?

1, precision perforated bed material with high grade, high strength cast iron and strong tempering and natural aging treatment to ensure that the deformation coefficient is small, accuracy and stability.

2, precision combination punch high precision finishing equipment, strict process assurance, a variety of filtration systems to ensure the dynamic friction coefficient of the body & 0.03.

3, precision hydraulic locking system, 250 / cm & 2; high-pressure automatic locking system, easy to operate, to ensure that the locking force, precision and solid.

4, punch, precision microcomputer control system, direct display punch working conditions and hydraulic press failure, dead zone stop control, easy frame and system self-test, easy to understand and troubleshooting.

5, precision combination of stamping air pressure system, the use of all standard components to ensure the stability of the system work.

6. Punch the main system is the use of pressure display, pressure switch protection and other measures to improve the stability of the system.

7, precision combination of punch guide device with three cylindrical positioning, accurate, stable, detection and maintenance.

8, precision combination Punch lubrication system and fully enclosed forced lubrication, the original design of the industrial duct, so that the main process of cooling the cooling faster and more natural.

9, precision combination punch forming operation control system, structure setting, self-locking function, improve operational safety, reliability and accuracy.

In addition to the combination of precision punch, there are high-performance combination of punch to meet the needs of manufacturers, while improving product quality, but also increase the output of the product, so that businesses bring more economic benefits, so two products, What reason not to buy it?