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Problem Solving and Its Characteristics of Hydraulic Flanging Machine


Hydraulic flanging machine flanging process while the side of the high side of the hydraulic flange is also used in the process of one of the common problems, due to the mold structure, punch the size of the arc is not uniform, poor punch finish, concave and convex between the gap Large, punch broken and other issues; may also be due to process arrangements and process design issues, punch and the original hole is concentric, pre-punching bias, pre-punching too large, the mold is not in place, feeding is not in place. Solution: to improve the hydraulic flange machine edge machining accuracy, improve punch finish, reduce the gap of concave and convex mold, the timely replacement of the punch, improve the mold processing accuracy, improve the accuracy of pre-punching, adjust the positioning, improve pre-punching accuracy , Increase the hydraulic flanging machine punch into the depth of the die to ensure that the feed in place and feeding stability.

Hydraulic Flanging Machine Features

1, the whole machine control using microcomputer control, through the touch screen interface for parameter setting and operation switching, easy to operate;

2, for the specifications of different diameter barrel body precise flanging, easy to operate;

3, the system has eversion, varus, flanging two functions, hydraulic flanging machine price, with manual, automatic two optional mode;

4, to the same barrel to achieve a clamping at both ends of the same time flanging machine;

5, rack solid, processing hydraulic flanging machine, no vibration when the phenomenon of movement, no moving parts of the phenomenon of poor;

6, flanging machine beautiful appearance, air and electrical wiring layout specifications, easy maintenance;

7, Machinable diameter in Ф80, wall thickness 1mm