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Hydraulic flanging machine features

I plant the production of hydraulic flanging machine to significantly reduce production costs, whether it is processing costs or equipment costs. The use of advanced combination of tire, the production without a lot of mold, can save a lot of money for the producers, but also save the production of a large number of mold material resources, from the performance to solve the large-scale hydraulic equipment mold weight, workpiece pre-stress It has the characteristics of stable operation, low investment, reliable performance, wide range of use, high labor efficiency, continuous product molding and so on. It is suitable for chemical equipment, power facility, large fan, Large steel formwork, pressure vessels, turbines, centrifuges and other industries. On the characteristics of hydraulic flanging machine, the following to introduce.

1, I plant produced by the wind turbine fan structure is compact, easy to operate, long life, all rolling rounds are heat treatment. Hardness between HRC45-55.

2, power 4KW motor, with a large amount of power consumption and other characteristics of good stability.

3, the use of cycloid reducer, the whole machine more solid, more durable, plus 40 mechanical oil.

4, can be turned range size adjustable, can turn the axial fan and other hairdryer straight edge and trumpet.

5, high mechanical efficiency, less failure, long life: the main drive gear meshing the use of high-quality synthetic steel manufacturing, the use of imported roller bearings imported foreign technology to support the production, bearing capacity, and reduce friction caused by power loss, So good mechanical properties, wear resistance, coupled with the use of rolling friction, so that the failure of less long life.

6, easy disassembly, easy maintenance: the machine uses the overall structure, reasonable design, rigidity, easy and easy to repair and disassembly.