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Hydraulic oil specifications



Anti-wear hydraulic oil (HM hydraulic oil) is from the rust, antioxidant hydraulic oil on the basis of the development, it has alkaline high zinc, alkaline low zinc, neutral high zinc and ash-free series of products, They are divided by 40'C kinematic viscosity is divided into 22,32,46,68 four grades.


(1) anti-wear hydraulic oil is mainly used for heavy duty, medium pressure, high pressure vane pump, piston pump and gear pump hydraulic system J head YB a D25 blade pump, PF15 piston pump, CBN a E306 gear pump, YB An E80 / 40 double pump and other hydraulic systems.

(2) for the pressure, high pressure construction machinery, the introduction of equipment and vehicles of the hydraulic system. Such as computer numerical control machine tools, tunnel boring machine, crawler cranes, hydraulic backhoe excavators and shearer and other hydraulic systems.

(3) In addition to the hydraulic pump for a variety of high pressure hydraulic system, can also be used for medium load industrial gear (worm, double curve gear) lubrication. The application of the ambient temperature of -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. The product has good adaptability to nitrile rubber.

Quality requirements

(L) suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance to ensure that the hydraulic components in the working pressure and operating temperature changes under the conditions of good lubrication, cooling and sealing.

(2) good extreme pressure anti-wear, to ensure that the pump, hydraulic motors, control valves and fuel tanks in the high-pressure, high-speed harsh conditions to get normal lubrication, reduce wear and tear.

(4) good anti-foaming and air release values to ensure that the foam produced under conditions of vigorous stirring during operation can quickly disappear and that the air mixed with the oil is released in a relatively short period of time to achieve Accurate, sensitive, smooth transmission of static pressure.

(5) good anti-emulsification, can be mixed with the water in the water quickly separated, so as not to form an emulsion, causing the hydraulic system of metal corrosion and reduce the use of performance.

(6) good anti-rust, to prevent corrosion of metal surface