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The working principle and construction of punch

Punch design principle is to convert the circular motion into a linear motion, driven by the main motor, driven flywheel, driven by the clutch gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod and other operations, to achieve the slider linear motion, from the main motor to The movement of the connecting rod is circular motion.

Between the connecting rod and the slider between the need for circular motion and linear motion of the transfer point, the design of roughly two kinds of institutions, one for the ball, one for the pin (cylindrical), through this body will be circular motion Converted into a linear motion of the slider. The punch presses the material so that it is plastically deformed to obtain the desired shape and accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to fit the set of molds (the upper mold and the lower mold), place the material therebetween, apply pressure from the machine to deform , The processing force applied to the material caused by the reaction force, absorbed by the punch machine body.

Upper mold

The upper mold is the upper half of the entire die, that is, the die part mounted on the press slide.

2, on the mold seat

The upper mold base is the top plate of the upper part of the mold, the workpiece close to the press slider, and through the mold or directly with the press slide fixed.

3, the next model

The lower mold is the lower half of the whole die, that is, the die part mounted on the work surface of the press.

4, under the mold seat

The lower mold base is the lower part of the lower mold plate parts, work directly fixed in the press work surface or pad.

5, edge wall

The edge of the wall is the side wall of the die hole.

6, edge slope

The slope of the edge is the slope of each side of the die hole.

7, air cushion

Air cushion is based on compressed air as the driving force of the top. See "Robot".

8, anti-side briquettes

The backrest is a part that supports the unidirectional force punch from the other side of the work surface.